FLIP THIS PLAYGROUND is transforming Title I Playground Environments

Words are not enough – we must take action to ensure that families with young children have equal access to opportunity.  When we speak of “equality” we must start at the very beginning by providing quality learning environments for all. If our goal is to lift working families out of poverty, then we must take deliberate action to dismantle systemic barriers. Providing quality early childhood learning environments is critical to this transformation. Yet, Title I school playgrounds are notoriously hardscape with no trees, no gardens, and limited access to the natural world.

FLIP THIS PLAYGROUND provides outdoor libraries, unique gardens, music centers, unusual pathways and small group centers which support foundational literacy and scientific inquiry.  We are putting research into practice.  We are acting upon our values.  We are creating beautiful spaces for teachers and children to create learning together – linking Literacy with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

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“The glory of the garden lies in more than meets the eye.”


Mariposa Outdoor Library Garden – learn more about this program

Harmony Music Garden – learn more about this program

LIGHT THAT FIRE is a professional development program designed for Early Childhood Educators entering the field. Our forums and seminars target CTE and Associate level educators serving children age 0-8. Please see our EVENTS page for current workshops.