Harmony Music Garden

Harmony Music Garden provides outdoor musical instruments in an garden environment. It is a natural space that connect to song, dance, and creativity. 

At Valley of the Sun (VSECA.org), we connect classrooms and school communities with the power of outdoor learning. Transforming hardscape playgrounds into natural learning spaces provides teachers with the right environment to make learning socially charged and fun! Research in child development and learning is clear. Children learn deeply when physically and emotionally engaged. We pay attention when our senses are heightened.  

HARMONY GARDEN is responsive to the research in language development.  We have long known that music is critical to language development.  The element of the beat lies inside all language. When children speak nursery rhymes and pat steady beat, they speak more clearly. When teachers encourage children to keep patting steady beat while they sing, no one child races ahead to finish the song first. Children also sing more “in tune,” and enunciate more clearly when following a beat. High/Scope Educational Research Foundation’s statistics on the steady beat factor suggest that students who demonstrate beat-competence and beat-independence are the same students who perform well in all areas of the academic curriculum (Weikart, 1998).   We believe this outdoor feature will be of great interest to children who have no experience with acoustical instruments and benefit children learning English as a second language.

 Please consider making a donation for Title I schools in Maricopa County (greater Phoenix) Arizona. YOUR CONTRIBUTION WILL FUND AN OUTDOOR MUSIC CENTER.

All of the Head Start students qualify for Federal Free or Reduced Price Lunch (RPL), meeting Federal poverty guidelines for income eligibility of 100% or below the poverty line.