Outdoor Classroom Learning Guides

Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.


Guide 1: Engaging Children in the Garden
Guide 4: Observing and Learning About Birds

Observation Journal

Diario de Observación

Guide 5: Video: Germinating Milkweed Seeds

Milkweed is the only plant Monarch caterpillars will eat. Recovering Milkweed acreage is critical to saving the Monarch species. Monarch Butterfly populations have declined as much as 90 percent over the last two decades.

Guide 6: All About Earth Worms!

Guide 7: Grow A Sunflower House

Guide 3: The Life Cycle of the Monarch

Join the Great Milkweed Grow Out on iNaturalist

Great Milkweed Grow Out is a Desert Botanical Garden initiative that supports monarch and pollinator conservation through milkweed propagation, outreach, and research. Photograph milkweed in your gardens and common areas.

Guide 6 Video: Worms are Wonderful
Guide 7: Video Growing a Sunflower House