Childcare Employment Benefits

Congress has once again failed to fund early childcare, the measure making a slow death march in the swamp of Build Back Better. It is long past time to remove politicians from the “recipe for success”. We step away from Capitol Hill failed policies and hollow promises.

NPR @NPR signals a better way to solving the childcare crisis through employee benefits. In the January 4 article, Camila Beiner writes that private corporations are now stepping up and providing childcare benefits to their employees. Bright Horizons over the course of 2020 and 2021, launched 23 employer-sponsored centers and added over 225 back-up clients. This remarkable and creative approach should be recognized as a new model and solution for companies seeking to grow their businesses, attract and retain skilled employees.

We lend this article to your attention in the hope of creating a new pathway, a better way to build it.