#WOYC20: Uplifted Series

Taking Care of Front Line Worker’s Children

At our core, education has always been about relationships, about connecting to each other. This is never more evident than with actions of many non-profit organizations, Head Start programs, and school districts. These organizations have changed their mission, stepped forth into the breach to fill the desperate need for child care. On this closing day of Week of the Young Child #WOYC20, we honor those organizations that are providing child care and education for our most essential workers.

Like many early childhood programs and preschools, Head Start is serving their enrolled children and families through virtual learning. However, Head Start also saw the need to provide in-person care for the children of emergency personnel and essential workers. Congress stepped up and funded Head Start through the CARES Act, $500 million allocated for existing Head Start programs and $250 million awarded for other programs serving COVID-19 front line workers and their children. In addition to providing child care for front line workers, many Head Start programs deliver food essentials to the homes of children and families they serve. These teachers are so often unsung heroes, today we raise our voices in thanks and praise!

Touch the image to view the short video.

Harris County Department of Education Head Start. (2020, March 25). HCDE : Because we care. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpxdGHoe5bo

Across the United States and here in Arizona, the YMCA has stepped forth to provide child care for first responders. Making their work visible and asking the public to consider funding YMCA operations is one way we can take care of each other. Learn more about the YMCA and #StayWithUs campaign.

Touch on the image to view the video.

ABC/KETV 7 News Watch Omaha, Nebraska. (2020, March 19). YMCA childcare serving critical role for hospital employees with children. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLsEsntr-DA&t=10s

Thousands of Head Start teachers are providing care for children of health care workers.

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