#WOYC20: Uplifted Series

A Shared Sense of Urgency

This week the Arizona’s Governors office, the National Guard, Dignity Hospitals, Honor Hospitals and non-profit F.A.B.R.I.C. moved mountains for healthcare workers.  Faced with a shortfall in surgical gowns, they obtained specialized fabric from North Carolina – 40,000 yards – over 7 tons!  The gowns will be highly durable, and will be able to last through more than 100 washes. The gowns will offer greater protection than that offered by disposable gowns.

We know real heroes act upon their values.  Today these heroes delivered a miracle.

AZ Family #TV/CBS 5. (2020, April 14). Dignity Health in Arizona is designing reusable fabric isolation gowns. Retrieved from https://www.azfamily.com/news/continuing_coverage/coronavirus_coverage/dignity-health-in-arizona-is-designing-reusable-fabric-isolation-gowns/article_ff0f223e-7dc7-11ea-8c9f-c7621c8d7bd6.html

New surgical gowns can be washed over 100 times.

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