#WOYC20: Uplifted Series

A Shared Sense of Giving

Albertsons and Safeway make it easy to give back, supporting families at risk.  All during the month of April, you can donate as you check-out through the pin pad, or simply donating pocket change into the coin canister near the register. 

Nancy Keane, Regional Director of Communications said, “All money we raise is going to stay right here in Arizona and it will go to non-profits, school districts, those individuals that are very vulnerable and that are really experiencing a lot of strain through this crisis”.

School districts across the state are applying for grants right now to sustain their meals program for our most vulnerable children.  For many of these children, this is the only meal they will receive each day. “We’re getting the checks cut very quickly and we’re getting them out to non-profits because we know the need is immediate, it is now”, stated Keane.

As a community we are grateful to Albertsons and Safeway for providing leadership, for providing a simple and direct way for all of us to give. Donations are also accepted online at the Albertsons Companies Foundation.

AZ Family CBS5AZ. (2020, April 8). Arizona’s Family starts fundraiser to help Arizonans during coronavirus pandemic. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhB-sWtJqh4

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Nancy Keane is Regional Director of Communications for Albertsons Companies Foundation

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