#WOYC: Uplifted Series

Beginning today, April 11, Valley of the Sun Early Childhood Association (VSECA.org) a Chapter of AzAEYC offers stories of hope, in their Week of the Young Child Series, Uplifted. As we celebrate the Week of the Young Child #WOYC20, we remember the guidance and grace offered by Fred Rogers.

“You know my mother used to say a long time ago, whenever there would be anything really catastrophe – that was on in the movies or on the air – she would say always look for the helpers. There were there will always be helpers… you know even just on the sidelines.

That’s why I think that if news programs could make a conscious effort of showing rescue teams, of showing medical people, anybody who is coming into a place where there’s a tragedy. To be to be sure that they include that.

Because if you look for the helpers you’ll know that there’s hope.

Fred Rogers (1999)

Karen Herman conducted this interview on July 22, 1999 in Pittsburgh, PA.  Watch and Enjoy the full interview at “Fred Rogers.” Television Academy Interviews. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Apr. 2020. https://interviews.televisionacademy.com/interviews/fred-rogers?clip=chapter1

What is hope?

With astonishingly beautiful images, Lauren Thompson “speaks to people of all ages, across all cultures, these words and images celebrate loving families, caring friends, small kindnesses, and great inner strength. Through this book, we can see hope reach around the world, and feel its power to change us all”. Consider sharing this message with someone you love. Find your copy on Amazon.

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