Online Preschool?

Join Valley of the Sun Chapter AzAEYC in supporting Defending the Early Years opposition to online preschool classrooms.


What the Research Demonstrates

We know that children need personal relationships with others.  Face time.  Laughter, safety, and conversations with other human beings.  This is the basis for social and emotional development, foundational literacy, and investigative play.  Bev Bos always said, “If it isn’t in the hand, it can’t be in the heart or in the mind”.

The American Academy of Pediatrics(AAP) has more than a decade of research which demonstrates that screen-time is altering brain development in young children. AAP recommends NO SCREEN TIME for children under the age of 2 and limited screen time for children under the age of 6.

AAP statement urges us to be informed about the impact of screen time, “Children younger than 2 years need hands-on exploration and social interaction with trusted caregivers to develop their cognitive, language, motor, and social-emotional skills. Because of their immature symbolic, memory, and attentional skills, infants and toddlers cannot learn from traditional digital media as they do from interactions with caregivers, and they have difficulty transferring that knowledge to their 3-dimensional experience.” Find the full report here.

What Can You Do?

Is Online Preschool coming to Arizona?  You bet.  The legislature is already taking up the measure to fund UPSTART.   You can voice your opposition to this funding and ask that the funding be re-directed to in-person, live programs by registering with Expect More Arizona and BILLS TO WATCH.

Educators must advocate for change – who else will raise their voices if not YOU!  Read the DEY position statement on online preschools and add your name to their support list.